Reading Mastery

Information about Reading Mastery can be found at: (McGraw-Hill Education)

According to the What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report (2006), RM has potentially positive effects for both English Language Learners and English speaking students, though only one study met their standards, with a 28 point percentile gain for an average student in the study they include. RM is a direct instruction method that uses a special type of font in its book to help students identify the sound a letter makes in that particular word. These lessons are scripted for the instructor, including modeling, scaffolded practice (individual and guided), and direct instruction in many of the rules of reading and pronunciation. The lesson began with a review of some specific sounds (e.g. /x/, or ȳ) and letter combinations (e.g. vowel combinations, “the first one does the talking”, or the two possible “oo” sounds), and eventually sounding out full words until mastery (the “fast way”). Lessons also involve choral reads of text together with the instructor, practice reading individual sentences and challenge words, and repeated readings.

U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, What Works Clearinghouse. (2006, Sept.). Intervention Report: Reading Mastery/SRA/McGraw-Hill. Retrieved from


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