Best Practices in Math Intervention – Resources

One great resource I found when looking for Mathematics interventions was Hanover Research’s 2014 Best Practices in Math Intervention research summary. This summary can be found at:

“Hanover Research identified seven mathematics intervention programs with broad support from the research community. Credible authorities suggest the following programs are likely to significantly improve students’ mathematics abilities:

  • Fraction Face-Off!
  • Hot Math Tutoring
  • Number Worlds
  • I CAN Learn Pre-Algebra and Algebra
  • DreamBox Learning
  • enVisionMATH
  • Do The Math

Three crucial practices should be applied to all mathematics interventions: universal screening, explicit and systematic instructional methods, and data‐based decision making (p.3).”

Additionally, they suggested that fluency practice is crucial, role play and technology are typically helpful, and that early intervention is key, as we know.

Overall, this document is a helpful resource if looking for a scripted intervention program to implement in your school, as it reviews research and looks into a variety of interventions.


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