Daily Behavior Report Card

A behavior report card is considered both an evidence-based intervention and a progress monitoring tool, which is ideal for teachers and school psychologists who are looking for an efficient intervention for student behavior.

5 general steps:

  • Identify behavior to be targeted
  • Identify how often a rating should occur
  • Determine the type of scale that will work best for the identified behavior
  • Reliability checks (if for a high-stakes decision) – 1 in every 5 ratings
  • Home-school collaboration and communication

Other than these steps, this intervention is flexible and can be modified for many different types of behaviors. Vannest and colleagues, referenced below, gives more detail on each of these steps and includes some specific examples.

Another great resource related to Daily Behavior Report Cards is the InterventionCentral Report Card Maker:



Vannest, K. J., Burke, M. D., Sauber, S. B., Davis, J. L., & Davis, C. R. (2011). Daily Behavior Report Cards as Evidence-Based Practice for Teachers. Beyond Behavior, 20(2), 13-21.


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