Great Number-Line Race! – Numeracy Game

More information about this intervention can be found at:

This intervention is essentially a simple number board game that helps students with early number sense, typically students in pre-school or similar age programs. Complete steps, as well as a game board, can be found at the aforementioned link at InterventionCentral. This game takes 12-15 minutes per individual player and is very simple to implement with the instructions at the above link. The below resource, with a link to access to actual research, goes into the development of the game and how it can be effective for low-SES preschool students, who may have had only limited exposure to mathematics or math intervention and have thus not developed an early number sense. For these students, even a simple intervention such as this can have large effects that will help reduce the risk of later difficulties in math.

Siegler, R. S. (2009). Improving the numerical understanding of children from low-income families. Child Development Perspectives, 3(2), 118-124. Retrieved from


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