Organization and Study Skills for ADHD

General Resource: EducationWorld Post (

This resource is a 10 part post on Instructional Strategies for interacting with students with ADHD. I specifically linked the post on Organization and Study Skills Useful for Instruction of Students with ADHD.

This website is a list of techniques that are generally recommended for students with ADHD, specifically designed for teachers but understandable by any reader. The tips are:

  • Designate an advisor or coordinator for the student
  • Use assignment notebooks
  • Color-coded folders
  • Homework partners
  • Periodic cleaning
  • Visual aids as reminders

Other tips are related to time management:

  • Use a clock or wrist-watch
  • Use a calendar
  • Practice sequencing activities
  • Create a daily activity schedule

And for study skills or modifications:

Each of these tips is elaborated upon, usually including some form of education component for the student, as might be expected. Overall, this resource could be used for teachers who need ideas, or even for accommodations that may be included in a 504 plan for a student with ADHD as a school psychologist.



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