For students with ADHD, a common issue is that teachers grow weary of redirecting and prompting student behavior. Therefore, self-management and monitoring can be a valuable intervention for students with ADHD, though many other students may also benefit from this type of intervention.

Self-management ensures that students take responsibility for their own behavior and record their own success.

The simplified steps of this intervention are as follows:

  • Establish a prompting method (e.g. timer, MotivAIDER –, verbal prompt)
  • Create a method for self-assessment (e.g. behavior interval recording form)
  • Clearly define target behaviors (e.g. speaking aloud without raising hand)
  • Explain self-monitoring procedures (prompts and assessment form)
  •  Instruct student to begin self-management during target period

This intervention can be combined with goals, reinforcement (verbal, physical reward, etc.), and/or self-charting.

One important tip is that the target behaviors must be clear to the student. Defining these behaviors in the student’s own words, and providing explicit examples and non-examples may be valuable.

A full brief of this intervention is available at the Missouri EBI Network:




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