Visual Supports

Visual Supports are often considered one of the most important interventions for students with autism. For a primer on what Visual Supports are, types of supports and when they are helpful, examples, and advice for what to do when challenging behaviors occur, Autism Speaks has a brief handout available at:

The Indiana Resource Center for Autism,, includes articles and recommendations, discussions, programs, examples of visual supports, and much more, and could be considered a great starting point for researching about interventions for autism. In particular, their Visual Supports page ( includes a variety of examples of visual supports that could be used for students with autism. A wide variety of evidence suggests that video supports are especially helpful for students with autism (e.g. with transitions, Dettmer, Simpson, Myles, & Ganz, 2000) and this is a common recommendation. This page  has examples of all kinds of visual supports, including schedules, emotions, work systems, calendar icons for holidays/events, and much more, already made and available for viewing or, in some cases, download.



Dettmer, S., Simpson, R. L., Myles, B. S., & Ganz, J. B. (2000). The use of visual supports to facilitate transitions of students with autism. Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities, 15(3), 163-169.



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