Bullying FactSheets – CDC & DOE

To begin the bullying section, I believe that the following FactSheet from the Center for Disease Control is a valuable resource. It includes:

  • Why bullying is such a major issue
  • Characteristics of individuals at-risk for bullying (e.g. harsh parenting for bullies, low self-esteem for the bullied)
  • Prevention tips

Lastly, their model of prevention is:

  1. Define and monitor the problem
  2. Identify risk and protective factors (a specialty of school psychologists!)
  3. Develop and test prevention strategies
  4. Ensure widespread adoption


Another FactSheet is from the U.S. Department of Education, regarding Public Schools’ obligations regarding bullying. Highlights include:

  • “If a student with a disability is being bullied, federal law requires schools to take immediate and appropriate action to investigate the issue and, as necessary, take steps to stop the bullying and prevent it from recurring.”
  • Any remedy should not burden the student who has been bullied
  • We must work to maintain FAPE and add additional services if it is violated
  • Tips for parents for how to proceed

Future posts under this topic will get more into specific prevention programs, but these are a place to begin for quick reference.

These FactSheets are available at: http://www.cdc.gov/violenceprevention/pdf/bullying_factsheet.pdf




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