CasaNotes – Teacher-Parent Notes in Spanish

If you have a significant number of students who live in a home where the primary language is Spanish, it is our ethical duty to send notes home that are understandable to the parents.

CasaNotes – for Spanish-speaking families:

  • This website has basic templates of a variety of different types of notes, including field trip permission forms, a progress report, homework, “well done” aka praise, contracts, parent-teacher conferences, and more.
  • Each report can be easily printed in English and Spanish.
  • One flaw of the site is that though the specific content is editable (e.g. dates, times), the overall template is not.
  • I would recommend this resource for teachers who may not have a lot of time to create the individualized notes they would want.


This is my example of a note to send home for parent-teacher conferences. I was able to make this note in less than a minute – how’s that for  efficiency? This website is ideal for teachers with a large Spanish-speaking population but not a lot of time. I was unable to find any resources for other languages – if you read this any have any other advice, I would love to hear it! Otherwise, GoogleTranslate may be the best option, though their translations can often be inaccurate.


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