NCELA – Toolkit

NCELA, the National Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition, is a great website with a wide variety of resources for ELA, including demographics/state data, resources, news, and upcoming research and grant information. Their website is They also have “Fast Facts” pages with a lot of information/data broken down into 1-2 page documents.

Specifically, their ELA toolkit is very valuable, available for download at The toolkit’s content includes:

  • Chapter 1: Tools and Resources for Identifying All English Learner Students
  • Chapter 2: Tools and Resources for Providing English Learners with a Language Assistance Program
  • Chapter 3: Tools and Resources for Staffing and Supporting an English Learner Program
  • Chapter 4: Tools and Resources for Providing English Learners Meaningful Access to Core Curricular and Extracurricular Programs
  • Chapter 5: Tools and Resources for Creating an Inclusive Environment for and Avoiding the Unnecessary Segregation of English Learners
  • Chapter 6: Tools and Resources for Addressing English Learners with Disabilities
  • Chapter 7: Tools and Resources for Serving English Learners Who Opt Out of EL Programs
  • Chapter 8: Tools and Resources for Monitoring and Exiting English Learners from EL Programs and Services
  • Chapter 9: Tools and Resources for Evaluating the Effectiveness of a District’s EL Program
  • Chapter 10: Tools and Resources for Ensuring Meaningful Communication with Limited English Proficient Parents

It has examples of home language surveys in multiple languages, specific tools and checklists under many of the chapters, recommendations, annotated resources, and much, much more – definitely a valuable resource!


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