Online Resources for ELLs

There are many websites and online resources that have been developed to assist English Language Learners in developing their vocabulary, grammar, and reading rules. EduTopia has created one long list of resources, available at: A TeachThought post (link here: also includes “50 incredibly useful links for learning and teaching the english language,” and may provide a more lengthy list to start. !ColorinColorado! ( also provides a lot of resources aggregated into one place, focused primarily on Spanish-speaking families.

Here are two websites that I specifically reviewed:

  • WordBuilder –
    • This website is essentially an online game
    • Choose a grade level, then a unit, then play.
    • Each unit includes verbal instructions, a topic/rule (e.g. “All the words have the a sound in apple. The a sound in these words is spelled a.”), and a key word list (e.g. an, bad, can, cat, had, ran) to begin the lesson.
    • A student listens to the sentence and then has to find the sounds to create the missing word. The game is fairly intuitive and the instructions are available at any time, along with a hint, and immediate reinforcement for their answers. Students can also time their game if they want.
  • ESLfast –
    • This website includes 100 stories at various levels, from Children English/Start Reading through Intermediate Levels, with plenty in between
    • Most importantly, each story can be read aloud (there is a recording) and then includes a link to GoogleTranslate, to the vocabulary in the story, to a Cloze (a fill-in sheet), and a dictation page (to practice typing what is said).
    • Overall, it is a decent, simple website that has a lot of good content. However, its boring/barebones appearance makes it less engaging – I  think I would recommend this more as a resource for finding simple, easy stories that are age appropriate.

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