Operation Street Smart – Notes and Resources

Drug and Alcohol Abuse is an area of interest to me, and thus I recently attended a professional development seminar on the topic called “Operation Street Smart.” This presentation was hosted by the sheriff’s department of Franklin County (Columbus). Information about this program can be found at: https://sheriff.franklincountyohio.gov/programs/operation-street-smart-drug-education.cfm, but its general format covered alcohol, marijuana, synthetics (K2/Spice), and then moving into prescription medication and heroin. The whole presentation is often as long as a few days according to the speaker, but we attended the condensed, 3 hour version. If you are a parent or administrator interested in learning more, particularly about signs of abuse and concealment, I would recommend this presentation, though I wished it provided more information about interventions.

Web sites they recommended:

  • Urbandictionary.com
  • erowid.org
  • bluelight.com
  • odh.ohio.gov
  • dancesafe.org
  • streetdrugs.org
  • projectghb.org
  • drugabuse.gov
  • inhalants.org
  • nida.nih.gov
  • samhsa.gov
  • teens.drugabuse.gov
  • DrugFreeActionAlliance.org
  • drugfree.org

Ohio-Specific Resources will be a separate post, as I believe that is worthy and crucial.

Some of the notes I took from this presentation, that others might find helpful, include:

  • Alcohol is by far the most abused drug, and causes by far the most deaths
  • The absurd amount of prescription drugs used by Americans above the rest of the country – 75% of all pharmaceuticals, according to the presenters. These legal drugs often are abused and then lead to heroin addictions, as heroin is a cheaper form.
  • Approximately 80% of all heroin addicts began with pharmaceutical drugs.
  • The prescription drug and opioid epidemics are continuing to grow
  • Heroin often comes in little balloons, or balls of foil.
  • Things to look for that I wouldn’t have known about were: ped eggs (foot files), oil clamp rings, and sandpaper, all of which are used to shave pills. Also, for heroin, things like aluminum foil and spoons, needles, tie-offs, melted straws, or “cookers” (e.g. the bottom of an aluminum can). Lumps from missed veins also last 10-14 days, and can be noticed.
  • Common terms for Xanax including “footballs,” “school busses,” and “ladders”
  • Percocets are the instant release form of Oxycodone
  • Some apps for identifying drugs are Pillbox and iPharmacy
  • Narcan is growing in importance as a drug that reverses the effects of an opioid, commonly used as a “Lazarus” drug to reverse an overdose. Now available OTC.



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