Family Engagement and Support – OH Community Collaboration Model for School Improvement

Ohio has published a model for school improvement based on community and family engagement. The section on family engagement and support can be found at:

Family engagement and support is crucial to our student’s development, and involves both behaviors at the schools and at home.

Parents can support schools through activities such as volunteering or attending school events. Schools can support parents through family support groups, education efforts, GED/literacy or ESL programs, and more. Forming a two-way relationship, in which parents and schools are equal partners toward success, helps all parties involved.

7.2 Checklist7.2 continued

This document also includes design principles and strategies, along with descriptions of what these principles look like.

I also liked the “4 most important findings on family-school relationships”:

  1. Parents and teachers usually want the same things for the child
  2. Many barriers prevent teachers from developing this realization
  3. These barriers can be addressed and allow families and schools to work together
  4. Intermediaries (e.g. United Way) can help remove these barriers


Overall, this document is an excellent resource for considerations when working toward family-school partnerships, and would be a great starting place for any school administrator or psychologist wondering where to start.





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