Family-School EBIs with Preschoolers

Preschool is an important time for not only child development, but also in development of family-school partnerships. Bates (2005) summarized the research on specific family-school interventions for preschoolers as part of School Psychology Quarterly’s special issue on the topic. Overall, “results indicate that family-school interventions with preschool children have taken many forms, have targeted a variety of problems and behaviors, and have generally shown positive effects. Efficacious interventions included parent and teacher training, parent education, and behavioral family therapy” (Bates, 2005, p. 352). Many of the effect sizes of the studies in this report were medium-to-large, indicating clinical significance. This report summarized 15 studies.

The studies that showed Strong or Promising Evidence included:

  • Goff & Demetral’s (1983) intervention on parent and teacher training on behavior modification, which helped students with developmental disabilities reduce aggressive episodes.
  • Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, a behavioral family approach, showed strong improvement in behavior across settings
  • PARTNERS parent-education program, which involved parent education over 8-9 weeks on parenting skills, positive discipline, and social skills.
  • Incredibly Years Training Series also showed strong evidence, an education program similar to PARTNERS but also including teachers.

Overall, they found that family-school connections and interventions can be valuable for preschoolers, and since this time, there may be newer interventions on this topic that were not covered in this review.


Bates, S. L. (2005). Evidence-based family-school interventions with preschool children. School Psychology Quarterly, 20(4), 352.


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