Hard Choices: A Digital Comic (Spiderman & Fantastic 4 on Alcohol)

For a kid-friendly resource, one thing I found was the “Spiderman and the Fantastic Four in Hard Choices” comic book.

This comic book is a free giveaway from SAMHSA to promote substance abuse awareness, and may be valuable for a student who really enjoys superheroes but may not understand the social or physical ramifications of making poor choices, such as alcohol abuse.

This comic is available at: https://marvel.com/digitalcomics/view_white.htm?iid=23418 

A teacher’s guide for this comic is available at: http://www.elks.org/dap/pdfs/teachersguide.pdf

The Elks Kid Zone (http://elkskidszone.org/) is a larger affiliated website about Drug Awareness, including comics, videos, and information in a kid-friendly format.

Hopefully it is not our students who are abusing drugs and alcohol, but these resources may also be valuable as a preventative factor, along with supportive relationships at school, that may offset risk factors in their home or community.


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