Ohio Resources for Heroin Addiction

Resources recommended by the professionals from Operation Street Smart include:

  • mha.ohio.gov (Providers by county)
  • drugabuse.com (Abuse/addiction treatment)
  • recovery.org (Recovery process/ratings/major cities in Ohio)
  • InterventionAmerica.com (National Resource on Recovery)
  • Rehabhotline.org (Rehab referral/placement)

The HeroinHopeLine website (http://www.heroinhopeline.org/) is a great local resource that breaks down a lot of the specific locations of rehab facilities and resources in Southwest OH and parts of Indiana. Their phone number for contact is 1-877-695-6333 for Warren and Clinton Counties, and 1-844-427-4747 for Butler County.

Their website also breaks down the types of heroin treatment:

  1. Medically Supervised Detoxification
  2. Rapid Detoxification
  3. Residential Rehab Program
  4. Medically Assisted Treatment
  5. Naltrexone

Other resources include the Butler County Coalition, which has its own page of resources at http://butlercountycoalition.org/resource-links/.



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