Ohio State University TBI ID Interview Form

Ohio State University has published a TBI identification method, designed as a “standardized, short, structured interview designed to elicit a rich lifetime TBI history.” (via http://www.brainline.org/content/2013/08/new-tbi-screening-tool.html). The aforementioned website also includes a presentation on the tool, which provides training on the purpose of the TBI-ID form, a description of why screening is important, and training in conducting an interview and interpreting the results. As school psychologists, it is not our job to medically diagnose a TBI. However, if provided with information from a doctor that indicates a TBI, or we have a reason to believe such an injury has occurred, this screening interview tool may be a valuable resource in gathering data on the student and their medical history. However, as with any measure in which the participant reports their own history, it is possible to make errors or not report certain history, and outside or medical assistance is likely to be helpful in TBI cases.

The screening tool itself can be accessed from: http://www.brainline.org/content/2013/08/new-tbi-screening-tool.html


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