State Department of Education TBI Pages

The Ohio Department of Education page on TBI is located at

This page includes a lot of great resources for TBI, but one of the most important pieces of information for Ohio’s practitioners is that “Ohio’s educational definition of traumatic brain injury is not restricted to injuries resulting from external trauma. It is more inclusive than the IDEA definition. Ohio’s definition covers conditions such as strokes, tumors, and injuries caused by surgeries. This expansion of the federal definition allows more children with brain injuries to be identified under the TBI category for the purpose of receiving special educational services.”

Wisconsin’s Memory Module, linked on the ODE page, is also a valuable resource ( It discusses how a TBI affects memory, gives a description of various parts of the brain, common issues and fixes (e.g. environmental modifications), what a teacher may see in the classroom, and strategies.

Strategies discussed include:

  1. Instructional Strategies – explicit strategies with chances for practice,
  2. Cued Recall – student is asked to recall recently prevented information with cues and organization
  3. External Memory Aides – to help a student remember an event or process, which could include rearrangement of the environment (e.g. visual schedules).

It also includes the TBI Memory Checklist, available at: 

Their Memory Strategy Chart may also be valuable (Slide 39), in addition to their Accommodations and Modifications Charts, which are available at:


Lastly, the Tennessee Department of Education has developed a resource packet for TBI, which can be accessed at:

It includes background information, resources, assessment examples, checklists, definitions,

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